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1. Do you untie your sneakers before taking them off?


2. All you can drink for the rest of your life is a cocktail. What is it?


3. Favorite movie made before 1970?

The Odd Couple.

4. Favorite movie made after 1970?


5. What car have you wanted to own but, haven't, and probably won't?

Porsche 928s.

6. What color is your current daily driver (your normal everyday car you drive the most)?

Dark grey.

7. What color/style is your favorite pair of shoes?

Black / hiking shoes. The right one has had a squeak for several months. I need some new shoes.

8. Why is Monster slacking on the monthly quizzes?

She is currently incognito in the ISS.

9. What color should Jim paint his geetar?

Purple haze man.

10. Chartreuse, or Hi-Vis green?

Chartreuse. Hi-Vis green hurts my eyes.
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