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Originally Posted by russotto
Anyway, I had a good time but I'm not sure I want to get into biking. I'd have to get a bike, then I'd have to get two bikes (one for the road and one for the unpaved stuff), and then I'd never get out on my skates any more.
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Folks don't realize how well engineered modern bikes are, especially with the big box stores selling badly assembled junk. The good stuff is expensive but bikes can last a long time if they're maintained well. My mountain bike has eaten two sets of wheels and some components but I've had it since '92(?).

Originally Posted by Breakingnews
My brother rides a Trek 5900 with 9-spd Dura-Ace and Bontrager race-lites - beautiful bike! I took it out for 40 miles a few weeks ago ... climbing was incredibly easy, though I have to admit I didn't have a very good time on descents. His bike is one size too small - I'm dying to try the next larger.
That's a very sexy machine. When I hit the lottery I think I get the titaniumMoots YBB. Those road racing machines are twitchy but in your size I bet it handles a lot better. Did you find that the carbon fiber soaked up much of the roughness of the road?
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