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As a pawnbroker I can tell you , that shop has two things.

- extension cords to test things they actually want to test

- bullshit lines to quickly turn away people who want to bring in low-profit piece of shit electronic items that nobody actually wants

There are certain really high-value items that have great value if they just power on, and no value if they don't. Corded tools, for example. Are you going to not take a nice $1000 mitre saw because you didn't have a $1.99 extension cord? No, you're going to FIND a way to plug it in, turn it on, and get your profit.

The shop is under no obligation to tell anyone the truth. You should expect many polite lies out of a pawn shop.

Lastly if you have eBay you have the largest pawn shop ever under your fingertips no matter where you live.
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