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Namibian Seal Penis!

Carrying on in the tradition of past whale penis threads I give you a new one.

I went up to the Cape Cross Seal Colony Reserve today here on the coast of Namibia, it's my second trip and a 3 hour drive from Swakopmund along bumpy roads made of crushed salt.

The admission for a foreign visitor is $90 NAD or about $6 US. The colony is home to about 250,000 seals and as you get our of your car you begin to notice what that many seals in a small place smells like. Luckily I am on the tail end of a head cold and my nose was rather stuffed up so I never smelled it this time but most of the other tourists had scarves or towels wrapped around their faces.

After about an hour of shooting pictures I began noticing some of the big bulls that are becoming more prevalent on the beaches as they court the ladies. I began to see that one male was really putting some moves on one pretty little filly. They rubbed bodies, nipped at each other, she would roll over and he would stick his snout down low and rub it around. Then he began to mount her and the sparks began to fly! With any luck a little pup will pop out this time next year!
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