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OMG You're Such an Idiot

Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce
What do they call the bell and the different types of lights?
The bell is called...a bell. Not all trucks have a bell (I'd say that most don't . However, all apparatus that want to move traffic come with an airhorn, typically mounted in the front bumper on the opposite side from the cue).

There are various lights on a truck. There are warning flashers, scene lights, alley lights, panel lights, light towers, etc. Flashing headlights are called wig-wags. There are also headlights that "bounce" back and forth and up and down. We call those "vomit lights" because if you look at them long enough they make you want to vomit. Essentially vomit lights are on a cam that follows an "M" or "W" shape, so the light looks like it's bouncing up and down as it travels from side to side and back again.

Strobes flash without roatating. Beacons stay lit all the time, but typically "flash" through the use of rotating mirrors and possibly stationary mirrors (so that when the rotating mirror is pointed backward it is reflecting off the stationary mirrors to the forward direction).

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