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Originally Posted by jaminhealth View Post
I've been treated so SHITTY here
When one attacks the person, that is unacceptable. Those mythical claims live a separate existence. When not supported by reasons why and with numbers, then claims deserve to be viciously attacked.

Attacking outright lies from junk science is never an attack on any person. But some people, for reasons that always escape me, somehow and foolishly attach themselves to that bogus claim. Every attack on those supplement claims are never an attack on you. And if you feel so, then you are the problem.

Posted was classic junk science. When another attacked you personally, he was repeatedly disparaged. Meanwhile, you have yet to post a single fact or number that says those supplement claims are credible. So those must be attacked viciously. Since such lies can cause others to die.

Why are facts ignored? 90% of contents of health food supplements were not what was listed on their label? Why do health food stored never need submit their products and claims to third party review or regulatory inspection? They are marketing to people most easily manipulated by lies. And that is legal. Those health conclusion are justified only by observation and wild speculation. Just like Saddam's WMDs.

So why do you ignore those facts? Where are any facts that dispute that well proven reality?

In Pakistan, he recorded a video where he told the children to stop moving and just lie on a sheet. One could watch the entire video where completely healthy kids were ordered to stop moving. He then labeled the video as children killed by polio vaccinations. Then people, who are not 'officer material', were rioting in streets three days later. Polio vaccinations were killing kids for the same reasons that supplements increase health.

The ignorant simply ignored that children were first told to stop moving. They worshipped the soundbyte conclusion. And then rioted. Same type reasoning also proves supplements work - when the stuff so often does not even have what is listed on its label.

Also in Pakistan, people now widely believe polio vaccinations are sterilizing kids. Another said polio vaccinations are poisoning people. Suddenly thousands of people were flooding each hospital daily claiming they or their kids had been poisoned. They knew they were dying. Claimed symptoms that proved so. Just like logic that proves supplements increase health.

Show me regulations that have inspected those supplements. And that proves it does those claims that you put forth. No such proof exists or will be posted. For the same reason you ignored what the Attorney General discovered. Junk science reasoning is called cherry picking. Scams are that easily promoted. And should be attacked viciously.

Those attacks on wacko extremist rhetoric never treated you shabbily. Others would be irresponsible for letting such junk science lies live unmolested. Unforunately you are not separating who you are from those claims that have no business surviving.

I expect to see you explain the "90% of health food supplements" were not what was on each bottle's label. Otherwise you must also attack those mythical supplement myths. You are expected to defend that other entity that is not you: claims about health food supplements. Instead you do even ignore that "90%" fact. That is irresponsible.

Do your own research. Well understood. Too much of any vitamin is toxic. Can result in organ failures such as kidney that must work overtime removing those toxic vitamin levels. Well proven by science. For same reasons, even too much liquorice might kill. "I feel it is true so it must be true" is classic junk science reasoning.

You health supplement claims cannot be treated shabbily enough. Because they were made without any valid reasoning. Were created only by emotions (as proven by supporting facts). And contradict well proven science.
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