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Mmmh -- good one. Maybe I'd have to invent one, I don't know. I think both terms are used in the US. Looks like search time for both of us, doesn't it?

[Edit: on "tuna casserole recipe" alone I get one million fifty thousand hits. We oughtta be able to do something with that. What wine should we put 60ml of in the 'shroom soup?]

BTW, I've found I don't particularly care for putting tuna into Green Bean Casserole. It's edible, but the flavors don't really enhance each other -- they don't dance together. Seems it has to be either tuna at the center of it all, or else the beans/mushrooms/Tater Tots team.

Soo, if we don't find something we dream up variations to try. Probably one important part will be to enhance the dish's fiber content so there's plenty of satiation in a serving: whole wheat pasta noodles. We avoid using anything else in the house, trying to keep my blood sugar under control -- Metformin can do a lot, but doing things to keep blood glucose levels from getting all spiky-crashy -- which is a phenomenon that will put the pounds on -- is important too.
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