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Well I threw one together today that worked quite well, but I nearly fell asleep eating it, it was dull, dull, dull. Also the soup made it quite sweet - might try vegetable stock with fish sauce as a base next time. And definitely including red onions and chopped jalapenos.

1 tin tuna (in brine - drained)
1 small tin Weight Watchers tomato soup
handful of sweetcorn
added to 2 servings of parboiled pasta

all heated together
then topped with 1 (very thick) slice of granary bread made into breadcrumbs and mixed with a sprinkling of Cajun spices
small sprinkling of grated Cathedral City (very strong mature cheddar)

put under grill with oven door closed for 15 mins

it was nice to have a meal that took longer to eat than it did to prepare (2 servings meant it was lunch and dinner)
I think I'll keep playing around with it- thanks for the suggestions

btw, why in the name of all that's holy would you put celery in tuna sandwiches? BLEURGH!
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