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I regret so much that I shared a pic of me with my cat when I was sick with chemo; I haven't shared any pics from chemo before.
Why, we all know you've been there, done that, pictures make no difference.
Thanks for the 10-4, I'll never reference it again. Fuck you.
I have no idea what the fuck you're on about. Sounds like you posted the pictures to garner pity and are pissed because they didn't, at least from me. Like I said, we all know what you've been through and cheered you along. We've seen plenty of pictures of bald women wearing bandanas, why the fuck would yours be special to a bunch of people that have seen way too much of this shit?

Thought that was done with middle school. I was looking for adult conversation, not what you represent this place to be, stupid me.
Yes, stupid you, the world you describe doesn't really exist, they just pretend in polite company. Tea and sympathy? No, tea and treachery.

You know, you all know I'm no perfect person. I've whined, I've wept, I've cried and cringed and made a fool of myself over the past two years. I've been angsty, I've made myself vulnerable. People here have been kind and tolerant, for the most part. I appreciate that.
OMG, you acted like a normal human being, welcome to the club.
I'm moving forward, doing better, and I appreciate all the support that folks here have given. I'll be fine.
Of course you will, you're not going to fold because you got your ears pinned back for trying to be a cat know it all.

Oh, and another thing, I AM NOT the CELLAR. Nor do I play one on the internet.
Everything is interesting... look closer.

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