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Originally Posted by Clodfobble View Post
Today, my daughter got into a conversation with a medical professional about our dog, and asked if she wanted to see a picture (not for the first time.) The doctor, being a good sport, says sure. So I dutifully show her the most recent picture, wherein the dog is sprawled on her back in a very adorable way.

"Do you want to see the picture of her face again, too?" asks my daughter (this being the picture the doctor has already seen.)

"Sure," says the doctor--and foolishly starts swiping backwards through the images on my phone. The photos she sees, in order...

--A ziplock bag labeled "Rabbit Organs"
--A gingerbread man decorated in leather fetish gear and a ball gag
--My son's EDM recital video
--That gruesome shot of my knuckle with a chunk taken out of it from the mandolin slicer.

It was only at that point that I managed to get the phone out of her hands and say, "Let me go ahead and scroll, it's pretty far back..."
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