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"I've decided I will come home in one month."
"That's not how this works, honey."
"What are the steps I need to complete?"
"Well, you'll need to develop a sense of empathy for other people."
"I don't value empathy."
"Yeah, that's the problem."
"But I don't want to change."
"I know."
"But what do I need to do to come home?!"
"I don't want to change."
"I know."
"I don't see why I can't do the work from home."
"Because you might kill someone."
"Not anyone important. Some lives matter more than others."
"And that's why they won't let you go home."
"But what are the steps I need to complete so they will let me go home?"

It's fucking endless. And his mom is still like, "Oh, the average stay is 45 days, so let's cross our fingers for that." As if she's fermenting cabbage, instead of trying to convince a schizophrenic to stop being so schizophrenic.
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