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Weirdly enough, I just had an argument this afternoon with my dad about the Washington Post. Not because he reads it, but because he heard someone on Fox Business marveling at the presence of a WaPo OpEd titled, "Fox News Has Been Right All Along." And, of course, my father bought the narrative that this is some sort of new, dramatic capitulation, which they must surely have done with their tail between their legs and which CNN and MSNBC would commit suicide before ever admitting.

As he's ranting, I casually brought up the following page on my laptop:

That same columnist has been writing for WaPo all along. He's got dozens of variously pro-Trump and pro-conservative articles over the last several years. No one ever fired him, and if they ever censored his content, then he must be writing like a madman given everything that did get through.

I'd use the phrase "fair and balanced," but that's been co-opted for other meanings just as surely as "our Judeo-Christian heritage" has been.
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