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2. Properly run landfill doesn’t hurt the environment in itself.
3. Even really well operated landfills are a very cheap way to dispose of our waste.
At the link he says
But a well run landfill site has a concrete lining, drainage for fluids, electricity generation from gases produced by decaying matter, active monitoring to ensure water and surrounding natural areas are not being affected, and more.
Concrete lining? I don't think so, but anyway the landfill he was referencing in NC fills 50'x50'x14' everyday. That's a lot of space, combined with all the people and equipment to do it right, plus NIBY, means these landfills are not going to be everywhere. They'll be away from population centers making the trash, so it has to be trucked, constantly, uphill both ways.

Further on in the same article it talks about Leachate(bad water) and Methane(Bada Boom) coming from the site and the possibility of screwing up groundwater, so all this must be monitored and handled. Then it says when the site is full up and closed down they must monitor the site for another 30 years. Yet some of the things in that landfill will take centuries to break down. Are they saying the things breaking down after 30 years aren't a problem?
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