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but my ride is a Trek 520 touring bike which weighs 1.3 tons

Yeah! Hard tail steel frame all the way! They last forever. My old Trek 820 has seen better days, but it continues rolling quite well. Getting it up the steps at the end of a ride is the hardest part.

Anyone want to share their highest milage? I've ridden the Suncoast Parkway two times in recent years -- 55 miles, total. I'm never in shape for it, either. I collapse and hurt for a good three days afterwards and I'm never sure if it was really worth it. I have no idea how people can ride century rides.

So, here's my question to those of you that own $1000+ bikes: does it really help? I know actually getting in shape is the best option, but do the lighter bikes make a huge difference? If someone can crank out 10 miles on a normal bike, will they be able to do many more on a racing bike?

trying to keep up with the wanna-bes in the racing scene is really draining on the wallet

Then don't try to keep up. I pedal up and down the bike paths on what is supposed to be a mountain bike, that I paid $300 for some years ago, that I put street tires on and while I don't ride behind someone in their airstream, I certainly don't enjoy my ride any less. Its still a great workout and I'd hate to think that the need to keep-up would take the pleasure of riding away from anyone.

And god dammit, someone out there please manufacture a comfortable seat!
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