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We have to go back, Kate!
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Harrrr! Shiver me oh so shivery timbers, sea dwellars, 'tis a fine an' blustery day o'th'high seas, fer sure. !9 days o'th'ninth month an'we're all shiverin' an'swabbin decks an' talkin like the salty seamen we are *waves crutch in the air and almost overbalances on wooden leg*

But it ain't all Jolly Roger, oh no! Piratin is a serious business, oh indeedy yes tis. An'there's always one drylanded urchin who can't bring hisself to do the job...

Ibby Ibbessen, son of Ibbessen Ibbessensen, tell us all, why don't ye lad, tell us all why the mainsail is hangin shoddier than a broken cannon?
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