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Originally Posted by monster View Post
Do all y'all listen to current music now, though?
Rarely. Radio has too many commercials. But some pop stuff creeps in somehow. So I know some of the hits.

At home I listen to CDs we own and there are about 30 or so that get the most play. It's older stuff that I've discovered in the last 10 years mixed in with stuff I've liked all along.

In the car, which is maybe 60 minutes a week, we have the XM radio channels and my wife set that up so we have like 6 channels to chose from and then you can turn a knob and choose form 6 other channels, and so on. I can't be bothered to learn how to navigate the thing, so I just listen to these mix stations like "Classic Rewind" that play all the old familiar music from 30-40 years ago.

I listen to music about an hour a day.
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