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Originally Posted by glatt
In the car, which is maybe 60 minutes a week
I had to read this twice, and remember where you live, before I could understand it as anything but a typo. I have already spent 1.5 hours in the car today, and I'm about to spend another 30 taking my daughter to music lessons. And I didn't even run any errands.

As for music, I have maybe 40 CDs in the car that the kids choose from. They also frequently plug into the aux jack and play gimmicky YouTube songs through the car speakers. (What kind of songs, you ask? See below. I'm a very patient mother.) When they're not in the car, I listen to audiobooks, unless I'm too stressed/manic to pay attention, in which case I just turn on whatever they put in the CD player last.

This is the kind of stuff they currently like on YouTube:

My book
My spirit animal
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