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Quarantine does not solve the problem. Apparently people are contagious even before they have symptoms.

Experience aboard the Diamond Princess suggests that this virus can spread airborne. Not just from contact spewed from an infected person. But this is an even greater problem. How the contagious spread this virus is either unknown or is being withheld by top government officials (ie Pence). That is his job. Obstruct information - to protect the administration.

We should have known long ago (had government started addressing the problem over two months ago) how this virus spreads, how long it can survive on surfaces (or if airborne), if it can pass through the skin, and how long a person can be contagious before symptoms appear.

Instead we have White House lies that a vaccine will soon be available. Reality - it cannot be available til at least next year. Lies that the public does not need facemasks. Lies because this president is more concerned with his reelection than in addressing any problem. He ignored it until the stock market eventually crashed. And we still do not have answers to those four questions.
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