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1) Potato Chips/Crisps -straight or crinkle cut?

I'm confused.

2) Which of these common nightmares do you have the most?

(i) suddenly realizing you are naked in public

3) would you prefer to listen to a Soprano or a Tenor?


4) How many steps?

All of them.

5) What shapes do you usually doodle?

Squares, triangles, and stick men doing various things.

6) Do you like to garden?

I pursue a certain agricultural bent, but, ya couldn't call it gardening.

7) Do you talk fast, slow or just right?

Seems I talk just wrong most of the time.

8) At what age are they too young?

17 years, 364 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59.9 seconds. Whut?

9) What is the most fascinating animal apart from humans?

Cuttlefish. Not of this Earth.

10) Complete this limerick:
There once was a dweller called Rod
Whose posts were exceptionally odd
All of them started
By asking "Who farted?"

And ended with him fobbling his clod.

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