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Reports vary, but the northern burbs seem to have gotten between three and six inches.

I did not get my ruler out to check. I'd guess I had to clean three or four inches off my car when I left work at midnight. It took me 45 minutes to complete what is usually a 15 minute drive.

For the most of it, thankfully, I was the only car on the road. When I was about two miles from my house some dumbass decided to tailgate me. What is with people??

At any point he could have passed me if he were that impatient. It was just me and him, and he was not a cop. It wasn't just his strict adherence to the rules of the road, either ... at the point at which he finally got the hell off my ass, he made an illegal left hand turn at a red light, at an intersection known for fatalities (it's a five-point intersection, with no visibility of the cross traffic).
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