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Originally posted by Elionwyr
How many computer programers does it take to change a light bulb?

None... "Um yah, thats a, uh, hardware problem."
Q: How is computer programming like sex?

A: If you make one mistake, you support it for the rest of your life

A distinguished professor of mathematics came into his office at the university one morning and found a pile of paper burning. Next to the fire was a bucket of water. He picked up the bucket, put out the fire with the water, and sat down to work.

A week later, when he came to work, he saw there was another fire. There was also a bucket of water in the far corner of his office. He picked up the bucket, carried it over, sat it next to the fire, and sat down to work.

After all, he had reduced the problem to one which was known to be solvable.
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