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You've have a loyal pet, you bred/raised yourself. Big fucking deal.

Plenty of others have, or have had, loyal pets, like elspode, UT, Gravdigr, Griff and plenty more. You know what? They did it without breeding their own, without adding to the 2,700,000 that are euthanized every fucking year, in this country.

Oh I know, your special kitties go to special families, and you'll take them back if necessary.
Yeah, fuck that shelter cat that was killed because that special family bought your special spawn instead of rescuing them.

But you're little kitties are special, different, not like everyday cats.
Well, duh, that's what I've been trying to get through your thick skull. You have no idea what real cats are like, not a clue.

I'll put it another way, you've been spoiled with Blizzaks most people can't afford, so you've out of touch with how hazardous winter driving is for real people.

Oh, and bad week? No, I'm always an asshole, fuck you very much.
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