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Ah, Sakura-Con
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This time of year makes us happy and excited. I'm wearing the hat that became the base of teh wig I made, but I can't tell you what's going on with SonofV's eye makeup. Smoky eye gone horribly wrong? Dunno.
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Pinkie Pie has a pet, that means I have a prop. His name is Gummy, he's a toothless alligator (question, Gummy's a toothless, obligate carnivore--does that mean Pinkie Pie chews his meat for him?) Anyway, here is the before shot.
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And here he is after. I added a pink mouth, with some magnets inside to let him clamp his mouth shut, and some dazzling purple eyes. He wore a leash at SakuraCon and he was a big hit.
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Also a very stable genius.
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