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Originally Posted by Pamela View Post
The amphibious ships came first because there were no port facilities left. None. USNS Comfort requires a 900 foot pier plus some space, 100 feet wide and over 20 feet deep to dock. She is not capable of amphibious operations.
Anyone can learn facts rather than be educated by talk show hosts and junk science propaganda. From Wikipedia:
The USNS Comfort provides rapid, flexible, and mobile medical and surgical services to support Marine Corps Air/Ground Task Forces deployed ashore, Army and Air Force units deployed ashore, and naval amphibious task forces and battle forces afloat.
It is designed for military operations. That means amphibious - no dock required. It operates at sea during military operations. Even its flight decks support the largest military helicopters. Who created that obvious lie?

Extremists will say anything to pervert truth with fiction; to protect a president who makes Nixon's lies only look like fibs. Or is that news coming from covert Russian web sites?

Docks can be cleared in less than a day (not two weeks) by military amphibious forces. But docks were not trashed or destroyed. Only minor damage. No problem. Immediate clearing is what amphibious troops do.

Please stop reciting what extremist talk show hosts invent. Their audience are the gullible - not the honest or informed.

Need for amphibious ships was so desperately needed on day one that the USS Wasp was now deployed yesterday from Norfolk to assistant a task force that already includes USS Oak Hill and Kearsarge. Wasp is an aircraft carrier similar in design to the USS Bataan, Iwo Jima, and Kearsarge.

As Trump says, it is big ocean. That means these ships are easily and quickly deployed to disasters - but only if a president authorizes it. He did - six days too late. And only after Gen Buchanan was finally assigned - after Trump's many days of trashing of NFL players and coaches.

Also desperately needed were communication facilities. US military had them ready to go on day one. But satellite communication equipment was only recently deployed - after the president finally let the military deploy. One C-17 finally delivered communication - the 63rd Signal Battalion from George ... on 27 September. Finally began operations on 28 Sept - 8 days after the hurricane.

From the Chicago Tribune entitled "How Trump's weekend at N.J. golf club slowed response to Puerto Rico crisis" on 29 Sept:
Trump did hold a meeting at his golf club that Friday [22 Sept] with half a dozen Cabinet officials — including Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke, who oversees disaster response - but the gathering was held to discuss his new refugee travel ban, not the hurricane. Duke and Trump spoke briefly about Puerto Rico, but did not talk again until Tuesday, an administration official said.
Administration officials admit that.

Ignored is what Gen Honore noted. All that stuff could have been deployed on day one. "His (Buchanan's) headquarters exists 365 days a year, just for this mission." But no military commander was authorized for six day. Gen Buchanan got his authorization six days too late.

An obviously dumb president, from his Bedminister County Club, is criticizing Puerto Ricans of not doing enough to help themselves. At what point does this not become obvious. 85% of all problems are direct traceable to top management.

Pamela denies all this. It says so much about what has happened to America. Some are so entrenched in 'talk show reality' as to deny even what is obvious. USNS Comfort is designed for amphibious operations. It does not need a 900 foot dock. Please be informed enough to see through so many obvious 'talk show host' lies.

The president did nothing for six day. Now blames Puerto Ricans for not doing enough for themselves? Even Nixon did not lie this obvious and oblivious. USNS Comfort does not need a dock. But its needed a president to authorize assistance. This one is as dumb as George Jr. Lies more than Nixon. Reality is difficult when extremist talk shows say something completely different.

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