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Originally Posted by glatt View Post
We're filling in details now.

Things out West are so far apart.

I'm not worried. Only have a few details to finalize. And there is still some time.
Orange things are messing up our trip.

First it was the wildfire.

Now it's the orange man here in DC.

One of the dads on the trip is a lawyer, and his biggest client just got slammed by these moronic tariffs. They have been forced to lay off something like 80% of their workforce because their only product is wire and they depend on steel imports. Virtually all their orders for wire have been canceled in the last week. Anyway, this lawyer dad has spent the past week lobbying folks on the Hill, and has to travel with a congressman to Missouri to give a tour of one of the plants the orange man shut down. This is right in the middle of our trip that he has to be babysitting a congressman. He would love to skip it but can't afford to abandon this client that is fighting for its existence.

So it turns out our van reservations were in this guys name, and with all the driving we are doing, we were really counting on having three drivers to take shifts. I think we can still pull this off with only two adults, but it's going to be much more brutal, and we may have to pay more to make new van reservations.

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