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Since everyone is busy with football or getting ready for the coming work week, I slip this in while nobody's looking.
It's not very pretty, and sure isn't art, but by god it worked flawlessly for nine months and I'm very proud of that.
Backstory - She broke her back and was going in for surgery with a long recovery. It came down to moving home with Mother, or install a toilet in the kitchen of the house(twin) she rented, since the bathroom and bedroom were upstairs. The dude on TV says, "Just don't fall" but those things are very spendy, so I built one. Time and money constraints said I had one shot at it.

A steel channel, actually two lengths, some angle iron, pipe, leather reclaimed from a diner booth, some roller bearings, and two garage door openers. Turned out I only need one opener but used both remotes.
The steel channel had been for an elevator in a private mansion, my buddy pulled it out of the dumpster during a renovation.
I measured her butt(12") and made the seat exactly as big as necessary to minimize the space used and not hit the wall when it swiveled.
The leather needed a serious treatment with Lexol to not crack when bent, and minimal padding because she's only sitting in it for less than a minute.
It rides in the channel on a steel plate with eight roller bearings for wheels, 4 on the bottom and 4 on the top so it couldn't lift or tip.
One remote at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top so she couldn't screw up and leave it behind.
Put a piece of 1 inch marine plywood in the landing at the bottom, pushed up against the door jambs, to attach the bottom to, and brackets screwed down through the carpet, midway and at the top.

The only problem she had was near the end of convalescence she would start to get off before it came to a full stop. Hey, garage door, do that and it changes direction. I hadn't anticipated that. Later she used it to carry laundry and shit, up and down, until she could carry it. I could have made it prettier but the paint was hardly dry when I installed it.
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