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Both, actually. His mother was devoutly religious, but only got into all that when he was old enough to remember the change in their lifestyle, so he hated it even more. He was a rebellious teen, did a fair amount of sneaking out, pot, and eventually ecstasy. Then when he was a senior in high school his parents broke the big secret that he was adopted, which he'd never known. That fucked him up pretty hard, though he never actually told me, an old friend of his from high school accidentally let it slip in front of me. I met his parents a couple times, they were a pain in the ass (muttered to themselves about how he was going to "have to spend a night in jail before he would learn..." that he couldn't just drive around with an expired registration sticker on his car,) but not abusive or anything. Just normal dumb Midwestern folks who didn't know what to do with their skinny, androgynous, artsy son.

He admitted to potentially being bisexual before we'd started dating, sometimes wore makeup (foundation) and spent way more time on his hair than I did. But I was cool with all that! Because I was a cool girl, who didn't judge, y'know? I was cool enough to date a guy who was bi, you bet I was. On the other hand, all those signs kind of make my aggressive sexuality at the time a little less forgiveable. I should have seen what was going on even if he denied it.

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And it being the early 80s, all those gay guys could not come out to save their lives.
This was in 1999, in Austin. You could definitely be gay.
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