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This was a spur of the moment project. I'd bought a big set of Forstner bits for making big holes in wood that are the size you want and not all torn to shit. So I was experimenting with blocks of different types of wood at different angles to the grain. So much easier and cleaner than a hole saw, pretty quick I had a pile of these blocks. So I spiffed them up a little while I thought about it.
I had been in this junk shop one time and bought a hanging lamp, a small ghetto crystal chandelier, just because it was the ugliest lamp I'd ever seen, and thought it would make a great gag gift for some poor bastard. It had a bunch of these big cut glass shapes with a coating that made them sparkle and throw colored beams like third rate real crystals. I hung one in each of the blocks to create suncatchers. Not terribly pretty but worked pretty well in the window.

The one with the stripes is glued up 1" hardwood marine plywood we'd found in a barn. The sheets were 4' square, and every other ply was light or dark... I don't know why?
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