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Good thanks. But gruelling. Just recovering! Hebe aged up (i.e. moved up to the next age category, so she swam in the afternoon and the boys in the morning, so I was there all day -Beest performed child-changeover taxi duty).

All of them dropped loads of time (swam faster than their previous bests) and we got there to find that Hebe was seeded 18th out of 81 in the breaststroke! That's amazing given that she's one of the youngest in the two-year (9-10) age group. She came in 18th too. Hector got 12th (out of 23) in his IM, which is in the points (top 16) and he still has a year to go in his age group. Thor managed not to need to go to the bathroom right as the starter was giving them orders on the blocks! He dropped an incredible 20 seconds off his breast-stroke time, -from 1:26 to 1:04. He was DQd on a technicality, but who cares? they all did great.

I, on the other hand, am dead. In the morning, I was a time-writer -easy-peasy, sit at the poolside, check the pad time against the manual times, declare the official time. In the afternoon, I was a marshall -getting the kids from the staging area to the blocks. OMFG! No-one warned me about the size of the 9-10 meet. It took over 4 hours and many people congratulated me on the marshalling saying it was the fasted championship meet they'd been to for a while. The Fastest? At the end, I squatted down to get a drink out of my bag, and I could barely get back up. My legs were killing me when I got home, so out of curiosity/nerd-dom I worked out how far I probably walked (I was on my feet the whole time). 7 miles! in flip-flops! And yes, I have blisters too. thank goodness they were decent flip flops with a little shaping.

Any competitions for you this weekend? (it's crazy this sports-parent lark, isn't it? I never competed in anything when I were a lass... living my life vicariously through my kids regards.... )
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