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Woman: Can I get an item out without a ticket? I have this letter.
Staff: Sure, with your ID.
Woman: OK.
Staff: Oh this item is not under your ID.
Woman: *sigh* (long pause) I'ma be honest with you, this is my jewelry and I believe my boyfriend pawned it without me knowing. I asked him if he did that and he said no, but he didn't know there would be a letter. (note: the shop sends you notice of your item's status at some point.)
Staff: If it's under his name, we need him to come in with his ID.
Woman: Can I just bring his ID?
Staff: No, it has to be him.
Woman: Can I see the jewelry?
Staff: We're not even actually allowed to show you it legally.
Woman: So I can drag him in here...
Staff: Not at gunpoint please. Just hold on to his ear and bring him in.

I'm hoping this happens today while I am here. Sorta.
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