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Jan 4th, 2019: Ice Go-Round

Well Ice Carousel, if you want to be persnickety.
The saw is aircooled but the operator must be drinking good antifreeze.

Last January the Zwilling family in Minnesota built a record 110 meter(361 ft) Ice Carousel.
Then in March a group built on Lake Lohja, Finland snatched the glory building a 122 meter(400 ft) carousel.
In April a group of Mainiacs in Sinclair, ME, said this shall not stand and the arms Ice carousel race was on... hold my beer and watch this.

They augured 1300 holes through 30 inches of ice.

Chain sawed a 130 meter(427 ft) circle.

Poked four holes for outboard motors to get this record breaking carousel spinning.

Word on the street is the Minnesota gang is going to try again this month.
Where will this senseless escalation end, chewing up ice worms, dulling saw chains, keeping the fish awake, and promoting gaiety. tsk tsk.
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