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Good News: My nanny is moving back into town! She owns the house next to my parents and will be moving back into that. I've hardly gotten to see her over the past couple of years b/c of her husband's health issues they've had to stay mostly at their coastal house. I'm really happy to have her close again, especially since she has her own health issues. You just never know when its gonna be your last time to see a person, you know?

Bad News: Our neighbors who have rented that house will have to move. They are really sweet mom and daughter and we love 'em like family. They've rented that house for 13 or 14 years now. I've watched the daughter grow from a tiny tyke in kindergarten to a girl who towers over me, a sophomore in high school this year. She even chose her band instrument after my older sis, french horn. We'll miss them being next door, they are family to us like any of our blood relatives.
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