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The good news is that the dentist is still giving me the *good shit*.

The bad news is that he scored a perfect bullseye with the first needle. I felt electrocuted in my jaw, half my tongue and zapped in my neck. I was instantly numb. "Oh" he said, "the nerve comes out of a little hole about 1/8" across and I hit the nerve directly about one time in twenty." Holy crap, give the man a kewpie doll.

The good news is it's still working hours later, and as it slowly fades, there's just ... mouth and teeth and tongue--no pain. Yay!

The bad news is it's not all gone yet and I have an itch on my lip. I can clearly feel the itch, no question. But all my attempts to scratch it are impotent. I can't feel my fingers touching my lips. Or my fingernails. Or a piece of velcro. Or a paper towel. It still itches!! I have resorted to going to the men's room and wetting a handful of paper towels with HOT water and pressing that on my lip. I *think* my lip is getting the message. It's not as good as scratching but there is some distraction value in sensing the warmth. God it itches.
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