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Yeah, it's not so much fun being a cyclist and living in New York City. Riding is tough, not only because you have to venture out into city traffic, but because tall buildings and strategically positioned trees make the after-work hours a very dim time. We won't get into moronic roller bladers and people who ride their bikes the wrong direction in Central Park while talking on their cell phones. Totally absurd.

I'm looking into getting a new bike this winter. I'm riding a bit of a modern tank - a 1999 Lemond Zurich. Factory specs say 21.8 pounds, but with Mavic open pros, a generic seatpost and a Forte (Performance Bike) stem, it must be nearing 23 pounds (not to mention the 250g set of Look 396s). Might as well be dragging cinder blocks when I ride.

My brother rides a Trek 5900 with 9-spd Dura-Ace and Bontrager race-lites - beautiful bike! I took it out for 40 miles a few weeks ago ... climbing was incredibly easy, though I have to admit I didn't have a very good time on descents. His bike is one size too small - I'm dying to try the next larger.
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