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Sunday I just rode a bike for the first time since college. Went from Collegeville to Green Lane and back on the Perkiomen Trail. I had rented some sort of mountain bike, a lot better than anything I'd ever ridden before. I mean, I used to ride Sears-special bikes with traditional (read: shitty) derauillers and no working brakes, and here I am on something with sequential shifters, brakes that grab like (um, can't post that at work), a frame of something other than lead-filled steel, front suspension, and wheels that were actually round and everything.

Anyway, I had a good time but I'm not sure I want to get into biking. I'd have to get a bike, then I'd have to get two bikes (one for the road and one for the unpaved stuff), and then I'd never get out on my skates any more.
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