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taking over NYC

I went on the <A HREF="">critical mass</A> protest ride here in NYC last night. My first time. I knew it would get ridiculously political re: the convention, but I felt compelled to go for the cause, which was a real take-back-the-streets rally-against-oil-companies-and-cars theme. It's true, there could be a lot more done for cyclists here and everywhere across the planet.

Police said there were about <A href="">5,000 cyclists</A>. The ride went well, until the end when people just didn't seem to want to stop, which ended in 100 people being arrested. I left shortly before that because I wanted to go get wasted last night. :P

A few pics from the ride. First is from Union Square before it started - taken mostly because the reporter was cute.

Oh, apparently my pics are too big. I'll have to upload to web then, which I don't have time to do now, damnit.
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