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uh oddly enough this winter here in Kansas jas been very very very kind only 2 ice storms and not too much god-awful cold.. the lowest it got this year was -10 which is freakin' balmy for here in january although I don't miss the south.. I need my seasons.. it gives a sense to the passage of time, and sometimes a challenge (given that I walk to work only about 10 blocks.. but that can be a challenge sometimes.. especially during that ice storm.. now that was fun!) real quick though when my brother and I were young and living in champaign Ill. one day (and I was in 3rd grade he was in 1st) we had a huge snow storm and it was no big deal, only about 6 inches so we walked to school.. as we did every day (it was only about a mile) well... we got there and much to our suprise the school was closed.. fortunately the janitor let us and and we called home.. damn beatnik parents I dunno, I had a blast walking in that much snow! moonboots rock!
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