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for the kind of advice you mention, I would think that a PTSD specific forum would be better suited to help you.

You've clearly had this discussion before. Your post was quite organized and coherent to my eyes. That's typically the result of having said this all before.

When we think about things, it's a kind of amorphous mass of thoughts, but once we say it out loud, or write it, we are forced to organize it, and the thoughts take shape. Your reply tells me this is not new to you.

Also, you mention a physical difference in your brain.... did you actually verify that? like with CAT scans or whatever they can do? ...or is it supposition taken from that conversation of what COULD be happening as a result of the traumas?

I did a little reading about the amygdala, and it's interesting. How the right and left hemispheres handle positive and negative responses. is it possible for one side to swell and not the other? is your sense of smell more acute?

doubt everything, especially your own thoughts. verify and question each aspect of an opinion. concluding that you are damaged goods removes the desire to question further, so don't disagree or agree with me here. If you have settled the matter, the other possibilities die. Try to come from, 'I don't know' and then find out.

I'm trying to do the same as I learn more about you.
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