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Originally Posted by sexobon View Post
I have these 3 fire starters along with other items in my E&E bandoleer and duplicates in the ruck:

A standard 3" Bic disposable butane lighter which suffices in most situations.

A 2" (more compact than it looks in the picture) refillable, wind resistant, butane lighter that offers a good grip and robust ignition button that's user friendly even with gloves on. It's good for more difficult fire starting.

You can get the less in demand clear version for a song.

A tough, sealed, naphtha fluid lighter the uses standard Zippo flints and wicks. It'll work at lower temperatures than the butane lighters and will work as a hands free candle for a short time. I actually have the black version; but, those seem to be sold out on Amazon (though it may still be available elsewhere)
I have a quad flame torch lighter, but I'm bad about forgetting to refill it so it ends up sitting on my table. I'll post a photo of it when I get back in town. It is one of those that made troops go "oooh & aaah". lol

Those watertight fluid lighters look nice and are definitely something I will look at. Years ago, I used to carry a Zippo in my pocket and I would sometimes get the Zippo leg burn, so those lighters ended up on a shelf and gifts to others.
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