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Aug 19, 2009: Biggest Jeans

Now some of you fat bastards must feel guilty for hogging so much of the world's denim supply to make those big butt jeans.
Maybe these will make you less guilty.

Peruvian seamstresses hoping to snag a Guinness World Record for sewing the largest pair of blue jeans. Workers laid the pair on the ground and put big balloons inside the legs to show off the size of the jeans, which are 141 feet (43 m) tall and 98 feet (30 m) wide. They are hoping to break the current record. The current record is held by the city of Medellin in Columbia. That pair was 114 feet tall and 82 feet wide.

After the event, the pants will be cut to make backpacks for area school children.
Why do adults try to cover silly behavior by saying it's for charity, or it will benefit the children?

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