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8/11/2006: Papillon dog adopts, nurses injured baby squirrel

Another via Neatorama.

1... 2... 3... Awwwwwwww!

That's Finnegan the squirrel, who was found injured and malnourished when he was only a few days old. He'd fallen 40 feet out of a tree. He only lived because he fell on top of his sister, who was also falling, and who died. Finnegan was in bad shape. He was brought to one Debby Cantlon, who had a reputation for taking in sick and injured animals.

And that's when Mademoiselle Giselle the Papillon took over. (OK, we'll excuse the cutesy-pie dog name.) M'elle Giselle was pregnant, bedding on the other side of the house, but somehow took a liking to the squirrel. She dragged Finnegan's cage across the house, so it could be next to her own doggie bed. And when Cantlon moved the cage back, M'elle just did it again.

So Cantlon let them hang out together.

And after M'elle Giselle gave birth to her pups, she let Finnegan in to nurse as one of her own.

Actually N-rama points to this page of crazy animal adoptions (which in turn points to this gallery of the Finnigan/Giselle paring). There are eight other animal adoptions on that crazy adoptions page. IotD Friday has already covered most of them. This dog and ducklings I hadn't seen before:

The cat and crow video on the adoptions page is fun.

Happy Friday all!
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