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The Merriam-Webster dictionary added these words the year I was born. Being during the Big One, WW II, some are expected, but a lot of them like Autism and Garbanzo bean surprised me.

ACTH, aerosolize, after-tax, agamospermy, airwave, allicin, amtrac, antigravitym, anti-radar, arrestee, autism, auxotrophic, babysit, banzai attack, battle fatigue, bigeye tuna, black-legged tick, block diagram, booster shot, boxer shorts, brain cramp, Bronze Star, buddy-buddy, bungee cord, butcher block, Byelorussian, caprolactam, carpet-bomb, chad, choke point, coliphage, collision course, corticosteroid, countercountermeasure, countercyclical, craton, crib death, cutthroat contract, cyclicity, dead presidents, death camp, debone, debrief, debug, deck shoe, depressurize, descramble, desert locust, deskbound, diapausing, dishpan hands, DNA, double-check, dough box, DP, echolocation, economy of scale, electromyography, electrophotography, elevon, encrypt, epoxidation, escalate, expressway, eye lift, FAD, fan fiction, federalese, flash back, flight suit, fluxgate, flying bomb, folate, footsie, forklift, garbanzo bean, garrison cap, gas-operated, gasser, general of the army, genocide, glop, gobbledygook, granulocytopoiesis, grease pencil, G suit, gunslinging, hardstand, hiatal hernia, in-flight, inseminator, island-hop, isoline, jade plant, jellied gasoline, jug-eared, jumpsuit, junker, kamikaze, kolkhoznik, kombucha, lamebrain, latchkey child, lawman, layaway, lead time, Lewis acid, lignan, limited-access, lithium fluoride, live-in, livetrap, lysergic acid, diethylamide, Markovian, MIA, microform, miracle drug, mouton, mud flap, multidisciplinary, musculoskeletal, nonbehavioral, nonsecretor, nose job, numero uno, offtrack, old-shoe, osmolality, pachygyria, palletize, palynology, paraglider, PBX, pec, perinatal, periodontics, permanent press, perv, PETN, photo-essay, photophase, place setting, platform rocker, ploughman's lunch, point man, Polonia, polyacrylamide, posttransfusion, potline, premenstrual syndrome, prepackage, prestructure, prill, primary atypical pneumonia, Progressive Conservative, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine, pyrolysate, quiz show, radome, rappel, returnee, R factor, rimland, rotator cuff, rust bucket, sacrifice fly, scalogram, sclerotherapy, sealant, Security Council, self-worth, shigellosis, short subject, silicone rubber, sinusoidal projection, skimobile, small screen, snorkel, sock in, soilborne, spanakopita, spelunking, spider plant, spinto, spiral binding, split screen, split-second, stanine, staycation, streptokinase, streptomyces, streptomycin, superglue, swabbie, tephra, terminal leave, thalassemia major, thalassemia minor, theory of games, theta rhythm, thin film, thrift shop, top secret, tow truck, transdermal, transmembrane, transponder, trash fish, trickle-down, troland, turbojet engine, unadult, undershorts, V-1, V-2, vegan, vesting, videogenic, videophone, wingding, Winnie, zero-sum.
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