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In my teenage years I had an all consuming interest in aviation. Anything with man made wings and an engine or two would attract my attention.
It wasn’t just the aircraft themselves, it was also how they were operated. Navigation, routes, procedures all fascinated me.

I eventually obtained a Private Pilot’s Licence and although competent enough, I was never a natural.
I can say, with all due modesty, that my landings were usually pretty good. However some stretched the definition of ’landing’ beyond its elastic limit.
I think that they could be better described as ’arrivals’.
Of the bone crunchingly ’firm’ sort.

Eventually, I rather lost interest but a year or two ago it was rekindled to casual observer status.
Most of the aircraft I see here on a daily basis tend to be fairly unremarkable.
There’s the early morning rush of arrivals from the US and Canada and the corresponding conveyor belt of departures in the afternoon.

A number of Air New Zealand’s extended range Boeing 777s used on the Auckland-Los Angeles-London route, are truly eye catching in their special livery and I’ve shown a couple of the best here..
These two represent the Hobbit films which were made in New Zealand and help promote the country as a tourist destination.

And here's how it was done...

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