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Originally Posted by Gravdigr View Post
I now have a real will. No one in my family gets anything. No one. Nothing. Hopefully, there will be nothing left to leave. I'll be cremated, and my ashes thrown in the trash. I've been thrown away more than once in life, might as well be thrown away in death.

It'll be like I was never here.
That would suck for all of us if you hadn't been here. Well, most of us. OK, some of us. Alright, me. And maybe Infinite what's her name?

@clodfobble. I know what you mean. I worry about when I die and the pain my kids will go through then. I'm hoping I make it to their 40s. Probably will, but I'll be in my 80s. The mm already goes through occasional crying jags when she thinks about the inevitability of death.

We've looked at mortality from a number of atheist angles; Conservation of matter and energy, where were we before we arrived? Did we feel the same way about leaving there to come here? Is the cycle of life and death analogous to the seasons? Where do the plants go and how do they come back? Do we do something similar? Is death sometimes welcome when you are very old and tired? Is it like sleeping? When you sleep, the world you perceive ceases to exist until you wake up. The rest of us are still here, but not to you. (cf the Buddhist trinity for existence: 1. There must be a perceiver. 2. There must be a thing to be perceived. 3. There must be consciousness. Without all three present nothing exists) And last and maybe most importantly, Would you want to live forever getting older and older until you were a tiny little shriveled up raisin of a person?

I'm bittersweet about selling all my photo gear. I've been moving it on eBay and slowly clawing my way out of debt. It feels good and lighter to let go of it and to bring some cash in and pay off bills, but it also freighted with so many associations of my childhood, when I started.

It's acknowledging that some ships have sailed, but at the same time it is allowing new ships to dock and take on passengers.
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