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The Leftovers

I stayed clear of this when it first came out because I didn't find the idea of the rapture all that intriguing - but then I got into Damon Lindelof's work and started to take a little more notice. Reading about it, I realised I'd misunderstood the premise anyway.

Watched the first episode a few weeks back and it had enough going on to suggest it might be worth watching - but a disturbing air about it that made me think it might be a difficult series to watch - wasn't sure if I could stay with something so bleak. I also realised I was still way too hung up on Lost to give it its due.

Cut to a few nights ago and I decided to try again. I'm now on episode 5 and really starting to click with it.

I do have some issues with Chris Eccleston's American accent. But his performance is so good otherwise, that I'm starting to go with it.
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