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Finished watching an anime called Planetes...

I am not really a regular anime watcher, but this was well done. There is very little to no story arch except towards the end except for maybe some limited character growth... It's a genre called "slice of life" which just what it sounds like, except in this case it's done in an obnoxiously realistic setting that takes into account pretty much everything space-life related, starting from the diapers.

It did make me realize there is a sub-genre of sci fi which isn't very well defined: NowPunk. When a piece of sci-fi is so hard on mohs scale of sci fi hardness, it is for all extents and purposes asking what would it be like if we would be doing X with today's technology.
As far as sci-fi tries to be futurology (Which it often does try and fall on the ground only to remind us it never had the responsibility of doing that anyway), this is no better, except that instead of inventing fantastic applied punbrum, it marks itself for failure by depicting a nearby future that has remarkably avoided to develop new technologies or make new discoveries, despite clearly depicting a society quite invested in science in technology. Much like SteamPunk, it aims to explore the physically possible but the economically and socially improbable - what we could be doing, but can't really afford to do or organize well enough as a society to actually gather the resources and initiative to do it.
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