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Originally Posted by glatt View Post
Plus, who wants to jump in the car to sit in traffic?
Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
Also, around here the roads are well at capacity during rush hour. It is hard to get miles in when you're going 10 MPH. There has been an upswing in passenger miles on the commuter trains.
That's a biggie, Los Angeles synced their 4400 traffic lights to increase the average speed of traffic from 15 to 17.5 mph.
I've done the Philly to mid-state Massachusetts run a bazillion times, in every conceivable weather/time of day/day of week condition, since 1966.
NYC in the middle adds another dimension, as well as Governor Christie.
That trip has varied between 3hrs-57min and 23hrs-22min due to external forces I couldn't influence... no mechanical failures or personal foibles. Mostly increased volume, but self absorbed clueless drivers with no lane discipline are as big a contributor. When did fathers start telling their teens to drive in the left lane and never leave it no matter what? I guess you never know when you'll want to make a left turn... through the guardrail, across the median.

Christ, there are only two rules...
1- Don't hit the car in front.
2- Don't block the car behind.
how hard is that?
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