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I want to try camping. The problem is, I have NO idea what to do, where to go, what to buy, etc. And I have NO friends that I can utilize to help me learn. I am looking for classes/meetups, etc, but haven't found any for me so far or they are scheduled when I have previous commitments. I need to pay more attention to REI since they offer classes. I am not looking to do anything until next fall, so I still have time to check some out.

I kind of want to hike in instead of drive. I think it would be more peaceful. I was thinking of starting at a local park that has primitive spots. I can take a hike and check them out before I book or try anything out in the mountains (which is the ultimate goal). There is one place that I would LOVE to camp which only has drive in sites

I do have a day pack, but I'll need a bigger one for staying overnight. And a stove, sleeping bag and pad, tent (or, hopefully a hammock I saw the other day), food, tp, water filtration, lamp, and that's all I can think of at the moment.

Anyone have any tips, wisdom, etc? Has anyone attempted to start camping as an adult? There is one place that I would LOVE to camp which only has drive in sites, so any advice for that is welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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