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Hi Iggy, I used to be a Cellar regular years ago - not so much the pas few years - and I don't thinks our paths have crossed here before.
I 'm 56, and have just separated with my husband after 20 years. No kids, but a farm. I came to the Relationships room of the Cellar to ask for advice on my situation. Mine is different to yours, but OMG, so many parallels. And the same feeling of being stuck.

Before write up my own thread, I want to ask - how did things go? I see this all happened last June.

Are you okay? Are you coping? Not just financially and logistically, but emotionally?

I'm at the south western tip of Australia, but I read through this thread and felt a flood of compassion and empathy for you

I hope you see this and we hear from you.

Tinker / Sandy
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