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I don't really see the problem with creating exciting experiences for Christian children and teens to keep them within their parents' faith. I've mentioned elsewhere that my first experience of going to a festival was a Christian one. There is NO way my parents would have let me go to a secular music festival at that age (quite rightly).

Of course being a British it was reasonably low key (Jesus loves you, we love Jesus, hey it would be cool if you loved him too) but it was a wonderful experience to be able to talk openly about faith, God, worship etc. Less fun was being woken up by the Norwegian singing group near us at their morning worship, but at least no-one tripped over my guy ropes and was sick on my tent as happened in later years at Reading (non-secular!)

Non Christian parents are happy enough to celebrate Christmas, calling it a special time, a time for peace and love, a time to put other people before yourself etc etc etc. They are not celebrating the birth of Christ, not attending worship. They do not use advent to prepare their hearts and minds for the coming of Christ (chocolate advent calendars?) But it is seen as acceptable.

So Christian teens get music and hysteria without drugs, booze and sex. So the identify themselves by their dress code, except what their t shirts are promoting isn't a brand name but their faith. So they feel they belong, not to a group of kids who follow eachother, but to a global religion.

Good for them. Teens will get fanatical, whether it's about music, clothes, film stars, alternative lifestyles or Jesus. If they've chosen to follow Christ why shouldn't they have their fun in their own way.

Oh and btw - in Britain the Catholic church so isn't into the old gold & ostentation. Henry VIII took all our best churches way back when. We have brick ones on the local estates built by the communities. And the Catholics I know give plenty to charity, including their time and effort as well as money. Don't get me wrong - I love a bit of gilt & incense, but that's not the Church I grew up in.
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